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About DPOE

DPOE fosters national outreach and education about digital preservation by building a collaborative network of instructors and partners to provide training to individuals and organizations seeking to preserve their digital content.

The DPOE team supports the growth of the DPOE National Trainer Network and builds relationships with organizations to make digital preservation training more widely available to working professionals.

Now after three Train-the-Trainer events, DPOE TopicalTrainers have trained more than 1500 working professionals from a variety of institutions have received training in the fundamentals of digital preservation. See the sidebar to view recordings of their amazing work.

DPOE is made up of Library of Congress staff, the National Trainer Network, the DPOE Steering Committee, and a community of Digital Preservation Education Advocates. The National Trainer Network currently consists of 63 individuals spread across 6 regions of the United States.

The National Trainer Network is made up of working professionals who attended a DPOE Train-the-Trainer workshop. DPOE Trainers provide digital preservation training to other working professionals in their communities. DPOE Trainers teach the DPOE Baseline Digital Preservation Curriculum.

DPOE makes finding digital preservation training easier for you by collecting and sharing information on national and international digital preservation training events. See our calendar for digital preservation training in your area, or submit a digital preservation training event.

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Learn about how to become part of the DPOE Network.

Learn about how DPOE honed in on national digital preservation education needs, reviewed existing digital preservation curricula,and developed its core principles for digital preservation training.

National Digital Stewardship Residency
The National Digital Stewardship Residency (NDSR) is a groundbreaking program created by the Library of Congress in partnership with the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), that aims to help train the next generation of digital stewards. If you are a recent graduate (within one year) of an accredited Masters program in Library Science, Computer Science, Information Science, Information Technology, or Communications consider reading more about the NDSR program.