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January 1, 2008 -- The Library's Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI), the division that oversees the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP), has issued its Strategic Plan covering the 2008-2013 fiscal years. The plan is intended as a living document that will guide OSI as it develops programs, and plans strategies for the Library of Congress's digital future.

The Office of Strategic Initiatives was established in 2000. OSI’s traditional information technology services support the Library’s units in servicing the needs of Congress and the nation. Information technology services include secured business information and content management systems; voice, data and telecommunications network services; workstation configuration management services; and other sustaining technology infrastructure within the institution’s enterprise architecture.

OSI is more than the enabling infrastructure of the Library of Congress. Its evolving role in steering the transformation of the Library in the digital environment supplements the traditional role of maintaining stewardship over the Library’s information technology assets, services and infrastructure. OSI is at the forefront of providing comprehensive online digital access services, converting analog materials into digital form, archiving the Web and providing the Library’s Web-based digital library services and educational outreach services that encourage broad national and international use of the Library’s online primary sources.

These core OSI functions serve as the foundation from which the Library increasingly can broaden its reach and mission impact on a national level. OSI leads NDIIPP, an ambitious and significant national program to preserve the nation’s cultural heritage. This pioneering program is building a collaborative partnership network to save the nation’s important “at risk” digital content and support the long-term preservation of digital materials. OSI also leads a program to develop a national network of educators to encourage the educational use of the Library’s online primary source materials across the nation.

Digital content, especially that which exists in no other form, requires active joint stewardship by technical and curatorial Library units. Regardless of the intellectual content embodied in digital files, OSI’s active management of the supporting information as well as the repository architecture and technology infrastructure is essential to ensuring both content sustainability and accessibility in the future.

Download the complete plan:  FY 2008 - 2013 Strategic Plan (PDF, 32.9MB)