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March 3, 2008 -- A monthly online newsletter highlighting the important work that the Library of Congress’s digital preservation program is performing to collect and preserve the nation’s heritage in digital form will launch in March 2008.

The Newsletter of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) will be produced by the Library’s Office of Strategic Initiatives, which is leading NDIIPP, and will offer a digest of recent news related to the program’s activities. The newsletter will contain short descriptions of each news item, with links provided to the full story on the NDIIPP Web site.

The aim of this new publication is to provide easy access to the latest news from NDIIPP and its more than 100 partners, which include government agencies, educational institutions, research laboratories and commercial and nonprofit entities. News items of interest will include key milestones from the many digital preservation projects, partnership news, events and other new material added to the NDIIPP Web site.

To subscribe to the newsletter, go to (external link). Here you will type in your e-mail address and press "Enter." Then you will see a list of all available e-mail updates from the Library of Congress; you can subscribe to any of these services. To receive the NDIIPP newsletter, scroll down and click on "Digital Preservation."

"We hope this newsletter will serve as a valuable resource for the interested public as well as information professionals by providing timely highlights of the varied activities of the NDIIPP community," said NDIIPP's Director of Program Management, Martha Anderson.