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NDIIPP States Partners at the 2008 SAA Conference.

September 12, 2008 -- The 2008 SAA Conference included two sessions that discussed NDIIPP. The Electronic Records Section featured presentations by the four Preserving State Government Information projects. Speakers included Robert Horton, Justin Jaffe, Richard Pierce-Moses, and Steve Morris. Several other project participants were also on hand.

Bill LeFurgy from the NDIIPP staff joined Mike Wash from the Government Printing Office and and Ken Thibodeau from the National Archives and Records Administration to present a session titled Three Federal Agencies Confront the Challenges of Digital Preservation (external link) . Wash and Thibodeau discussed the status of their agency information management systems Federal Digital System and Electronic Records Archives, respectively. LeFurgy outlined recent developments with the NDIIPP partnership network and provided examples of digital stewardship tools, services, and resources that the Library was using or supporting.