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December 4, 2009 -- A National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program project won Best Poster (PDF, 4.62MB) at the 2009 European Conference on Digital Libraries (external link). The project, "Recollection", is a set of tools to create new ways to access and share disbursed digital collections. Zepheira, LLC is working with NDIIPP to develop the tools.

Laura Campbell, associate librarian for strategic initiatives and chief information officer at the Library of Congress, and Eric Miller, president of Zepheira, demonstrated Recollection to ECDL attendees. Recollection aims to address the needs of the NDIIPP community for enhanced access and interoperability. "The network needs to be able to strategically bring collections under stewardship and keep an inventory without excessive burden on the collecting organizations," Campbell noted (PDF, 106KB).

A public version of Recollection will be released in early 2010. NDIIPP partners will also have access to curation tools to create Recollection interfaces for their own digital collections. For more information on the Recollection project and details about participation in beta testing, please send an inquiry to