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JHOVE2April 1, 2010 -- California Digital Library, along with partners Portico and Stanford University, have released an alpha version of JHOVE2 (external link) to the digital preservation community. 

JHOVE2 is an open source next-generation application and framework for identifying digital formats placed under stewardship.  It builds on the original JHOVE (external link).

Users can download the JHOVE2 application (external link) and read the architectural overview (external link) on the JHOVE2 project wiki.

The JHOVE2 project is supported by the Library of Congress National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program.

JHOVE2 project team at a recent meeting. Justin Littman (Library of Congress), Richard Anderson (Stanford), Sheila Morrissey (Portico), Tom Cramer (Stanford), Marisa Strong (CDL), Evan Owens (Portico), Stephen Abrams (CDL), Perry Willett (CDL), and Hannah Frost (Stanford).