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June 10, 2010 -- Over 50 leaders in web archiving from over 30 countries met at the National Library Board, Singapore (external link) for the seventh annual General Assembly meeting of the International Internet Preservation Consortium (external link). The IIPC is a member organization of national libraries and other cultural heritage institutions from around the world who are actively harvesting, preserving and providing access to websites.

The event was held May 3-7, 2010 and included a web archiving tutorial aimed at practitioners new to web archiving.  Also featured was an open strategy discussion that covered the future of web archiving, along with review of web archiving programs in Asia, archiving news content on the web and new tools to analyze large sets of archived web content. The core activities of the GA were the meetings of the Harvesting, Preservation and Access working groups. For the first time, a special joint working group session was held on archiving streaming and rich media on the web.

The full event schedule and presentations are available at (external link).

2010 marks a new phase for the IIPC with new officers and a new chair. Aaron Binns of the Internet Archive, Abigail Potter of the Library of Congress and Gildas Illien of the National Library of France are the Program Officer, Communication Officer and Treasurer, respectively. Raju Buddharaju of the National Library Board, Singapore is the 2010 Chair. The 2010 GA was the first IIPC meeting to take place in Asia.

IIPC General Assemby.