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September 24, 2010 -- The American Political Science Association (external link) has awarded ContextMiner (external link) -- created as part of the NDIIPP VidArch project (external link) -- the 2010 Information Technology & Politics award for Best Political Science Website or Software.

ContextMiner Wins APSA AwardThis honor (see ITP/ICOMM News (external link), page 11) recognizes a website or software that contributes to research and/or teaching in political science. Context Miner was created by Chirag Shah (external link), assistant professor at School of Communication & Information at Rutgers University (external link).

ContextMiner is a free tool that enables users to collect links to blogs and online videos and import YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, web, or blog data to track trends over time.

The APSA selection committee referred to ContextMiner as "a very nice web-based framework for collecting, analyzing, and presenting contextual information along with data."