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October 21, 2010 -- The latest NDIIPP podcast features Adam Farquhar, Head of Digital Library Technology at the British Library. Farquhar co-founded the British Library’s Digital Preservation Team and was a lead architect on the Library's Digital Object Management system.

Adam Farquhar

Adam Farquhar

Farquhar is also Scientific Director of the EU-funded Planets Digital Preservation project and in this podcast he details the components of Planets. Planets – which stands for Preservation and Long-term Access through NETworked Services – began in 2006 when 16 of Europe's major cultural and technological institutions pooled their digital-preservation expertise and resources to create state-of-the-art digital stewardship solutions.

Though the official Planets project ended on May 31, 2010, activities continue on with the Open Planets Foundation, a non-profit membership-supported organization founded in the UK.