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Federal RadioJanuary 4, 2011 -- Memento (external link), an award winning tool developed through a National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program partnership project, was the subject of a Federal News Radio (external link) interview with program director Martha Anderson.   Memento was created by a team at Old Dominion University and the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

During the interview, aired recently on Federal News Radio, Anderson offers an overview of Memento, noting how the tool can be used to access past versions of any given website.

She also illustrated some examples of how Memento is being used by NDIIPP partner organizations, but also emphasized that the tool can be downloaded by anyone wanting to access older versions of a website.

"At the Library, we feel that this is one of those disruptive ideas that can change the way we think and work with the information that comes to us everyday," Anderson said.

The Los Alamos Memento team includes Herbert Van de Sompel, along with Luydmilla Balakireva, Robert Sanderson and Harihar Shankar.  The Old Dominion team includes Mike Nelson along with Scott Ainsworth.