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January 13, 2011 -- The "Distributed Digital Preservation for Large-Scale Collections: Building Micro-services for the Replication of Content" meeting was held in conjunction with the Coalition for Networked Information Fall 2010 Membership Meeting (external link) in Washington, DC on Dec. 14, 2010.

The meeting was convened to discuss potential collaborative developments of micro-services for the replication and validation of digital content between major digital repositories, with a special focus on content collected using the Bagit specification for secure content transfer.

As described by the California Digital Library (external link), micro-services are an approach to digital curation based on breaking technical curation functions into a set of independent, self-contained and interoperable services.

Collaborative content replication services could assist in the development of preservation storage environments distributed across participants that provide the highest necessary level of assurance at the lowest possible cost.

The meeting was organized by the Educopia Institute (external link), a non-profit serving as a catalyst for collaboration among libraries, archives, museums and other cultural memory organizations that grew out of the work of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program’s MetaArchive project. Attendees included representatives from the Library of Congress, the University of North Texas, Pennsylvania State University, Indiana University, the San Diego Supercomputer Center, Georgia Tech, the University of Maryland, the California Digital Library, Oregon State and ADPNET.