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Drexel University, Geometric and Intelligent Computing Laboratory

Digital Engineering Archives (external link)
Primary Investigators: William Regli and Ali Shokoufandeh
The project is working to develop techniques to represent and package engineering data for long-term digital storage. Current activities and accomplishments of the project include the development of an initial prototype based on the Open Archive Information System (OAIS) Information Consumer interface. The prototype allows users to perform content-based search of their archived CAD objects.

Johns Hopkins University, Hopkins Storage Systems Lab

Securely Managing the Lifetime of Versions in Digital Archives (external link)
Primary Investigator: Randal Burns
The project is working to build a system for the verification of version histories in a versioning file system, while studying technologies for ensuring the secure deletion of digital information to protect personal privacy and to ensure that no unwanted data is retained along with preserved data.

Old Dominion University, Department of Computer Science

Shared Infrastructure Preservation Models (external link)
Primary Investigator: Michael Nelson
Co-Primary Investigator: Johan Bollen
The project will evaluate a number of digital preservation models that rely on shared, existing infrastructure. Researchers will explore options to reduce digital preservation costs through use of cheap and widely deployed infrastructure protocols such as NNTP or SMTP whose operational and maintenance burden is shared among many partners.

University of Arizona, Eller College of Management

Investigating Data Provenance in the Context of New Product Design and Development (external link)
Primary Investigator: Sudha Ram
A partnership with Raytheon Missile Systems to investigate the semantics of data provenance, including the development of ways to automate the capture of provenance information in new product design and development. The ultimate goal of the project is to enable the development of autonomic and interoperable enterprise data management systems.

University of California, San Diego, San Diego Supercomputer Center

Digital Preservation Lifecycle Management: Building a Demonstration Prototype for the Preservation of Large Scale Multimedia Collections (external link)
Primary Investigator: Arcot Rajasekar
The project demonstrates a preservation life cycle management process for video content, including management of authenticity, integrity and infrastructure independence that will mesh seamlessly with the content production via preservation workflow modules. Researchers are developing a practical preservation process for mixed collection of both legacy and "born digital" video material that automates accession, description, organization and preservation.

University of California, San Diego, Scripps Institute of Oceanography; Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Multi-Institution Testbed for Scalable Digital Archiving (external link)
Primary Investigator: Stephen Miller
Co-Primary Investigators: Bob Detrick and John Helly
The project is working to rescue at-risk media, establish interoperability and provide community access to shipboard and deep-submergence vehicle data. These institutions are developing a multi-terabyte digital repository to preserve data from more than 1,600 oceanographic research projects. They will test processes for acquisition, metadata extraction, validation and access control, and explore methods for management of rights-protected data.

University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies

Robust Technologies for Automated Ingestion and Long-Term Preservation of Digital Information (external link)
Primary Investigator: Joseph JaJa
Co- Primary Investigators: Allison Druin, Doug Oard
The project is developing technologies for the automated ingestion and management of preservation processes using a scalable and reliable approach built around grid technologies and Web services. A main goal is to assist archivists by providing as much context about an object as exists in its original environment.

University of Michigan, School of Information

Incentives for Data Producers to Create Archive-Ready Data Sets (external link)
Primary Investigator: Margaret Hedstrom
The project examines incentives for data producers to deposit "archive-ready" data sets.  Using survey methods to investigate the obstacles to preparing data for deposit and laboratory and field experiments to develop and test alternative incentive mechanisms that might encourage them to provide more accurate and complete data and metadata to a data archive.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Information and Library Science

Preserving Video Objects and Context: A Demonstration Project (external link)
Primary Investigator: Gary Marchionini
Co-Primary Investigators: Helen Tibbo, Paul Jones
This project will focus on developing a preservation framework for digital video context by applying it to two important digital video collections: the complete series of NASA broadcast educational videos and the complete set of juried ACM SIGCHI videos presented at annual conferences from 1983 to the present.

University of Tennessee at Knoxville Computer Science Department Logistical Computing and Internetworking Laboratory

Planning a Globally Accessible Archive of MODIS Data (external link)
Primary Investigator: Micah Beck
The project brings together leaders of the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) archive community with computer science researchers for the purpose of planning an archive system for vast amounts of satellite data. These systems must both reliably preserve vast amounts of data in long-term storage and be able to provide fast, flexible, efficient access to the data.

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