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Meetings play a key role in defining, refining, and advancing the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program’s strategy to build national capacity for digital preservation. This strategy works through three sets of meetings; the Digital Preservation meeting, an annual invitational meeting focused on preservation storage architectures for digital collections, and an ongoing series of topical meetings exploring emergent areas of born-digital content.

Aside from the value these meetings provide to participants from across the nation, each meeting creates results in the creation of a library of resources, slide decks from presentations, video recordings, notes, and in many cases formal reports. This page acts as a point of entry for exploring this library of resulting resources.

Digital Preservation Meetings

The annual Digital Preservation, held each summer in the Washington, DC area, supports shared expertise in digital stewardship through a program that features thought leaders, hands-on workshops, small discussion groups, and expert panels. It provides opportunities to identify key work and developments in digital preservation guidelines, best practices, and standards throughout the commercial content and cultural heritage communities.

Designing Storage Architectures Meetings

This meeting, also known as the "Storage Meeting," brings together digital preservation practitioners who manage digital collections, libraries and archives IT professionals who manage infrastructure within their organizations and data storage vendors who develop storage technologies. Through sharing expertise and experiences with managing and preserving digital content among librarians and archivists, data-driven industry organizations, and research organizations, the meeting provides an opportunity to discuss current and future requirements for digital collection management and preservation with technical engineering architects in storage industry companies. 

Content Summit Meetings

Since 2009, the Library of Congress and the NDIIPP program have hosted an ongoing series of topical meetings exploring emergent areas of born-digital content. These "Content Summit" meetings bring together Library staff with key representatives and experts from public and private institutions who are leading research projects and other work to address access and preservation of at-risk digital information. The overarching goals of these summits are to develop shared understandings of the long-term value of these forms of digital content and to advise the Library of Congress on next steps the will best support the digital content’s stewardship.

News and Events Archive

Explore the archive of Digital Preservation News, Newsletters and Events for other information related to the Program.