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Designing Storage Architectures for Preservation Collections

September 27-28, 2010
Washington, DC

Participant Presentations

Overview of Trends in Storage Architecture Solutions

Designing Storage Architectures for Digital Preservation (PDF, 37KB)
Henry Newman, Instrumental

Case Studies from Users and Communities

Storing and Processing Big Data (PDF, 25KB)
Ian Soboroff, National Institute of Standards and Technology

UNT Digital Library (PDF, 56KB)
Mark Phillips, University of North Texas

Digital Motion Picture Archival Case Study (PDF, 12.21MB)
Andy Maltz, Science and Technology Council, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Archival Storage Architectures (PDF, 591KB)
Ethan L. Miller, University of California, Santa Cruz

iRODS for CineGrid: Policy-Oriented Data Cloud Management (PDF, 278KB)
Arcot (Raja) Rajasekar, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The Biodiversity Heritage Library: Preseserving a Knowledge Ecology (PDF, 488KB)
Thomas Garnett, Biodiversity Heritage Library

New York Public Library: Digital Storage Requirements (PDF, 190KB)
Barbara Taranto, New York Public Library Labs

Creating a Digital Smithsonian (PDF, 1.79MB)
Martin R. Kalfatovic, Smithsonian Libraries

IT and Digital Workflows: Our National Pastime, All the Time (PDF, 4.39MB)
Tab Butler, MLB Network

Case Studies from Community Service Providers

HathiTrust: A Shared Digital Repository (PDF, 282KB)
Cory Snavely, University of Michigan

DuraCloud Pilot Program: Experiences (PDF, 352KB)
Bradley McLean, DuraSpace

Disaster and Contingency Planning: Storage Dimensions (PDF, 1.37MB)
Matt Schultz, Educopia Institute

SDSC Storage: New Developments (PDF, 621KB)
David Minor, San Diego Supercomputer Center, University of California, San Diego

Data Integrity: Ensuring One Good Copy

An Argument for Lossy Preservation (PDF, 194KB)
Micah Beck, University of Tennessee

Data Integrity: Tape Archive Verification (PDF, 658KB)
Michael Vandamme, StorageIQ

Storage Words (no presentation file)
Hal Woods, Hewlett Packard

Trends in Reliable Storage: A Guide to the Intelligent Buyer (PDF, 175KB)
Mootaz Elnozahy, IBM

Hard Drive Directions (PDF, 0.98MB)
Dave B. Anderson, Seagate Technology

Audit Control Environment (PDF, 88KB)
Mike Smorul, University of Maryland, College Park

Data Compression and De-Duplication Trends

Data Domain Deduplication Overview (PDF, 309KB)
Joe Zimm, EMC2

Trading CPU Cycles for Gigabytes: Data Reduction Approaches for Archival Storage (PDF, 123KB)
Mike Davis, Dell

Future of De-Dupe and Compression (no presentation file)
Steve Vranyes, Symantec

Data Compression and Deduplication (PDF, 748KB)
Raghavendra Rao, Cisco

Processing and Analytics of Large Datasets

Twitter (no presentation file)
Jimmy Lin, University of Maryland

Web Archive Processing (PDF, 176KB)
Mike Smorul, University of Maryland, College Park

High Performance Computing for Data Intensive Science (PDF, 1.92MB)
John R. Johnson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

IBM Big Sheets (no presentation file)
Leslie Johnston, Library of Congress

Reducing Service Latency in Large Storage Systems (PDF, 379KB)
Dave Fellinger, DataDirect Networks

Storage Directions (PDF, 89KB)
Kevin Kalmbach, Oracle

Format and Technical Migration

Format and Technology Migration (PDF, 722KB)
Subodh Kulkarni, Imation

How Green is Digital Preservation? (PDF, 291KB)
David Rosenthal, LOCKSS, Stanford University