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Lead Partner: North Carolina Center for Geographic Information and Analysis

Project Dates: 2007-2012

Additional Partners: A complete listing of the project partners can be found at the partners viewshare.

The GeoMAPP project explored ways to expand the capabilities of state governments to provide long-term access to geospatial data. The project brought together geospatial and archival staff in multiple states to identify, preserve, and make available temporal and superseded digital geospatial data with ongoing value.

The GeoMAPP effort aimed to address the preservation of “at risk” and temporally significant digital geospatial content. Geospatial data layers containing information about land parcels, zoning, roads, and jurisdictional boundaries change regularly. Existing copies of these data are often at risk of being overwritten when updates or changes are made and these superseded snapshots of data are then lost for future use and analysis.

A key approach included testing a geographically dispersed content-exchange network for the replication of state and local geospatial data among several states to promote preservation and access.

More detailed project information can be found at the Project Web site.(external site)