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Original recording date: February 12th, 2013
Anytime Online

Over the last two decades, digital preservation has emerged as a critical challenge for institutions looking to provide long-term access to their information assets. This webinar will introduce some of the fundamental needs and concepts that underpin digital preservation, and provide a practical, hands-on survey of the best practices, tools and strategies in preservation that have emerged only quite recently. 

The content of this webinar comes from the introduction to the "Preservation Boot-camp" developed for and delivered at the international PASIG meetings, a semi-annual exchange of architectures, operations and best practices of digital preservation among practitioners, researchers and industry experts. The PASIG Boot-camp provides an introduction to the field and needs in digital preservation, and give attendees a foundation of concepts, terminology, standards and tools used broadly in the field. This “Digital Preservation 101” event is targeted specifically for those looking to gain exposure to the field, or current practitioners looking for a review of the formal concepts or broad set of tools currently in use.

Course Format: Online
Address: N/A
Audience Category: Newcomers to digital preservation, or practitioners looking for broad tools and formal concepts
Level: Beginning
Instructor(s): Tom Cramer
Maximum Attendees: N/A
Cost Range: $20 for non-Asis&T
Provider: ASIS&T
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