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Anytime (Originally Broadcast: March 15, 2012)

Metadata contains critical information about content assets - the who, what, when, where, and why for each item. This information is provided to meet certain needs. In general, those needs boil down to findabilty - “better search” for existing material, and “better processes” for creating new material. Dublin Core is the nickname for an ISO standard (ISO 15836) that specifies a small set of 15 resource descriptors that almost anyone can understand. It has become the de-facto standard for descriptive metadata to identify digital assets. This session will focus on a few metadata fields that are key for interoperability - various types of Dates, Roles and Topics - and the relationships between them. We will discuss how to model Dublin Core and other relationships using RDF triples. We will describe how to implement metadata methods for tagging assets with metadata in content management systems like SharePoint, and how to automate tag management using workflow and categorization tools. 

Course Format: Online
Address: N/A
Duration: One hour
Audience Category: Metadata librarians or those implementing Dublin Core and RDF for the web
Level: Practical
Instructor(s): Joseph Busch, Principal
Maximum Attendees: N/A
Cost Range: $39 for non-members
Provider: ASIS&T
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