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Course Details

April 12, 2012

This is the second class in a three-part series on digital preservation. It is recommended that you take all three classes in this series (3/8, 4/12, 5/10). This class will address best practices in storing digital content and the various aspects of protecting that content. Best practices for storing digital content include maintaining multiple copies of digital objects in at least two locations, with digital objects consisting of files and associated metadata. Protecting digital content is a key responsibility of long term management, and includes everyday concerns such as controlling access and fixity checking, and emergency contingencies such as disaster planning and ensuring business continuity.


Course Format: Onsite
Address: Rochester Regional Library Council
390 Packett's Landing
Fairport, NY
Duration: 3 hours
Audience Category: Practical (Hands-on) & Management (Planning)
Level: Intermediate
Instructor(s): Laura Osterhout (DPOE Trainer)
Maximum Attendees: 25
Cost Range: $50 or less
Provider: Rochester Regional Library Council
Sponsored by: Rochester Regional Library Council

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